How to save money on flight

Nowadays many airlines, site have policy that you can cancel/change ticket in 24 hour after buying.

so if you get good deal - buy ticket but keep looking for next 24 hours.  If you get better deal - contact the site to cancel or offer you lower fare.

Example - If you are going from San Fransciso to Miami - you can buy ticket to Fort Lauderdale or Maiami airport.

Use nearby airport in search.

Also try oneway search.  You might get one way trip from SFO to Miami and FortLauderdale to Sanjose. These together might be cheaper than return ticket

Try changing your location/currency on site selling ticket.

You can also download VPN that are used with browser to use virtual location.  Some offer are applicable in different country.

Example if you are travelling from San Franscisco to NewYork try using your location as London and see if you get better price.